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pc health checks

If this is the first time you´ve turned on your computer, I know it´s exciting and you´re desperate to download movie clips and mp3´s and phone ring tones and visit E-Bay to get that singing Mackerel for Uncle Angus…But, please think of protection, Anti-virus protection. Install it, use it and keep it updated.

What you can do to keep your computer ticking over nicely is to make sure it is in a relatively dust free environment, and not close to any magnetic interference, or microwave radiation. Computers generate a lot of heat they need free flow ventilation around them to help with overheating. When a computer overheats the screen ´freezes´, strange but true! Or alternatively crashes taking all your work with it.

NOTE: save whatever you're working on every ten minutes, generally you can retype ten minutes worth of data

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